Blackmail Application Form

Have you ever done BLACKMAIL FANTASY with another Domme before? If so, how did it go. No names, please. Just your experience.
Using the FICO 8 system, what is your credit score? Be prepared to send a screenshot from
List out all the balances you have currently in your accounts and your current monthly living expenses.

Disclaimer: This application does NOT guarantee acceptance as one of my Blackmail Fantasy slaves. This application will be used by myself and no information will be shared or sold. I will use the information herein contained at my discretion for the purpose of determining your eligibility as one of my slaves. The $25 application fee is non-refundable, even if you are denied thru the application process.

By clicking the Submit button above, you are agreeing that you understand this is for fantasy and entertainment purposes only and any actions you take are by your own will. You will hold Goddess Ms Construed harmless of anything negative that arises from your continued participation in her strict budgeted slave program.